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RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, N.A.: Sadko [Opera] (Bolshoi Opera, 2020)

Composer: Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay Andreyevich
Librettist/Text Author: Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay Andreyevich
Conductor: Zangiev, Timur
Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Chorus: Bolshoi Theatre Chorus
Chorus Master: Borisov, Valery

Fife: Paster, Maxim
Foma Nazaryich: Muravitsky, Roman
His Wife: Durseneva, Aleksandra
His Wife: Rubtsova, Irina
Indian Merchant: Neklyudov, Alexey
Lubava Buslaevna: Semenchuk, Ekaterina
Luka Zinovyich: Komovich, Vladimir
Nezhata: Minenko, Yuri
Ocean-Sea, The Sea Tsar: Trofimov, Stanislav
Sadko: Mavlyanov, Nazhmiddin
Varangian Merchant: Ulianov, Dmitri
Venetian Merchant: Zhilikhovsky, Andrey
Vision of the old mighty Warrior: Murzaev, Sergey
Volkhova: Garifullina, Aida
Whistle: Petrenko, Mikhail

Set Designer: Tcherniakov, Dmitri
Costume Designer: Zaitseva, Elena
Lighting Designer: Filshtinsky, Gleb
Stage Director: Tcherniakov, Dmitri
Television Director: Sommer, Andy

Date of Production: 02-2022
Venue: Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
Playing Time: 03:05:35
Catalogue Number: BAC188
UPC: 3760115301887

In the 13th century, the rich merchants of Novgorod mock the dreams of far-away journeys and of commercial conquests brought forth by Sadko, a musician and singer. But Volkhova, the Sea King's daughter, is enchanted by Sadko's voice, and promises to help him fulfill his dreams...

Sadko is a decisive work in Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's aesthetic evolution. As in many operas, the composer draws his artistic material from Russian folk and fairytales, but also from old musical and poetic forms. The result is a prodigious opera, whose modernity - both dramatic and musical - erupts from the fabulous resources of traditional Russian epics, but also from the wonders of the marine universe, close to his former navigator self's heart.

A subtle analyst of the slavic soul, stage director Dmitri Tcherniakov comes back to the great stage of the Bolshoi Theater and devises a surprising production that perfectly underlines the ambiguities of this paradoxical opera, between past and present, fantasy and reality. He surrounds himself with magnificent Russian soprano Aida Garifullina, but also some of his favorite singers: Mikhail Petrenko, Ekaterina Semenchuk... In the pit and at the head of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra, young Russian conductor Timur Zangiev breathes in this little-know masterpiece all the energy, all the poetry, and all the passion it requires.

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